Our Company

N. Giannaris SA, a company with 35 years of experience in the field of marketing, distribution and promotion of mainly frozen products throughout Crete, has established itself in the consciousness of professionals in the field of mass catering as one of the leading companies it offers high quality products and services in the field.

Since 2001 it has transferred its activities to its state-of-the-art facilities in the industrial area of ​​Heraklion, with a total area of ​​3500m2.

The excellent maintenance of our products is guaranteed by the 5100 m3 cold rooms that we have built based on the strictest standards of the European Union (HACCP-ISO).

Our products are handled by a modern fleet of refrigerated cars that meets all the necessary conditions, in order to preserve their high quality. Also, a new large investment in the field of Deep Freezing Logistics was implemented by our company in 2008, starting from 1/1/09. Our new unit “GIANNARIS – LOGISTIC”, capacity 3500 m3, equipped with state-of-the-art machines and robots of the latest technology, guarantees a safe, secure and fast way of storage and distribution of frozen products on behalf of our customers.

Our many years of cooperation with the largest factories in Europe that are active in the field of pre-fried potatoes, combined with the confidence that surrounds us in the Cretan market, results in our specialization in potato products.

This specialization means that we have more than a hundred codes of pre-fried potatoes and specialized potato products (specialties), which are able to satisfy even the most demanding tastes.

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